These extraordinary images are an example of beautiful star trail photography!

The sky is as just gorgeous as the landscape. The colors of the star trails are almost out of this world!

Can it really get much better that this?

At first glance these spectacular swirls of color may look like clever computer graphics or the result of faulty camera work, but these are real images taken by a dedicated photographer who spent hours in bad weather to take these shots.

Image credit: Lincoln Harrison

The images were captured over the Australian outback captured by Bendigo amateur photographer Lincoln Harrison, who spends hours shooting the night sky armed with an array of lenses.
Each photograph was exposed for 15 hours, from sunset to sunrise.

It was far from easy to take these shots as Harrison had to withstand Australia's cold winter night near Bendigo over Lake Eppalock

Harrison describes his experience saying, "It was a grueling night with a total shooting time was 15 hours in freezing conditions, sunset to sunrise."

"I bought my first camera in October 2010, a Nikon D3100. I wanted something decent for general picture taking and for taking pictures of stuff I wanted to sell on ebay items. I wasn't planning on getting into photography as a hobby but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other goodies. I've been shooting at least two or three times a week ever since, mainly landscapes, star trails when the conditions are just right," says Harrison.

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