St. Petersburgh, Russia, and the city is still abuzz after a peaceful invasion of the skies on April 9, 10 and 11 was witnessed by multiple citizens. Numerous videos have surfaced, showing what appeared to be an enormous mothership, which could be seen floating above the city at night. Brightly lit orbs joined the ship, or were seen breaking off from it, and floating across the skies. This phenomenon continued for three days and three nights.
The event is destined to go down in history as one of the most important and significant sightings of the century, not only because of the clarity and duration of these sightings, but also because of the numerous witnesses and videotapes of the event.
Russian news media covered the story of these bright twinkling lights in the sky, reporting however that the army claimed that these lights were training exercises, a story which was immediately debunked. In fact at one point the police were called and asked to deal with the UFO hovering 900 metres above the airport, which was disrupting flight traffic. When operatives arrived the ship had disappeared.
Watch this amazing compilation of videos captured by residents of Russia's St. Petersburgh, a city that was treated to a very special kind of lightshow this month


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