Someone sent me what I would call an end of the world, doomsday, conspiracy theory catalog of books and DVD’s. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading it. It asks if 2012 means enlightenment or destruction. Will we have a new peaceful consciousness or planetary upheaval?

Here are some theories floating around. Feel free to believe any of these that appeal to you. I’m not kidding, these are really in the catalog:

• Extra terrestrials are preparing to contact us and help our civilization by awakening our consciousness.

• A star gate will open in 2012 in the ocean near Yemen.

• Parasitic extraterrestrials will control our planet.

• Planet X, also known as Niburu, will come our way, possibly hitting earth. It may actually be a big spaceship.

• Somebody called Controllers are using a comet to control our perception and using seismic weapons to cause environmental disasters. Comet Elenin may actually be a spaceship.

• Time may speed up in 2012.

• New World Order intentionally caused BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

• One world bank and currency is coming.

• Under Agenda 21, the United Nations will grab large tracts of land and eliminate the middle class.

• A plane did not hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, it was a cruise missile made of depleted uranium.

• There are secret underground bases being constructed with the help of space aliens.

• The Committee of 300 controls the money supply and world events.

• There are 4 million Satanists in the U.S. including politicians, judges and athletes.

• The mark of the beast, 666, is hidden in bar codes on products in stores.

• Princess Diana’s death was a ritualistic sacrifice by the royal family.

• SARS was introduced as weapon to depopulate the earth.

• HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is being used to create earthquakes and is also used for mind control. It works hand-in-hand with chemtrails in the sky.

• Millions of tons aluminum and other chemicals are being sprayed in the sky to bring on climate change.

• Earth is hollow and it has entrance and exits at the North and South poles which UFOs use. Some animal species go inside the earth during cold weather.

• A race of advanced Fish People visited our planet and that’s why the Pope wears a fish hat.

• We have been colonizing Mars.

• The rich, elite Illuminati are inhabited by alien beings.

• People on other planets are jealous of us because our DNA is divine.

• Aliens are implanting us with micro-carbon fibers and nano tubes.

• We all have four or five entities attached to us.

• Ex-Air Force member was flown to the moon in a UFO operated by a reptile-like creature.

• Sub Project Omega will place people’s souls in robots.

• Hostile ETs are abducting children, cloning and building underground bases here.

• There are so many UFOs around the International Space station, astronauts have a tough time docking with it. Our military has been firing plasma beams at the UFOs.
• Aliens are giving us a reptilian mind and feeding off our anxious thoughts. They are running our planet.

• Solar flares will alter the atoms in our body making us smarter.

• The CIA has been collecting information from the future.

• President Obama is under the control of the Council on Foreign Relations, the very rich pushing to create a one-world government. So was George W. Bush.

• Our education system is intentionally making kids dumber.

• All of us will receive a microchip and all our movements will be tracked by the government. They will also be able to control our actions.

• Prison camps for dissenters are being built throughout the U.S.

I know some of our readers will agree with some of the theories. I’ll admit I agree with three of them but I won’t admit which ones. And yes, I came from the Fish Planet.

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