England's first crop circle of the season has appeared in a field in East Kennett in a planting of Yellow Rape. The formation was discovered on April 15, 2012, and forms a 12-petalled flower.

According to the Crop Circle Connector website, reports have come in that three more have been found, one in south Wiltshire, one in Dorset and another in Hertfordshire.


The bulletin board shows a new and more intricate pattern, with comments revealing great excitement and enthusiasm for the new circles.

'Wow, what a neat crop circle! Thanks for the new and fast pics. I think it´s about torsion fields and would like to compare it with E = mc2 CC from Italy 2010.' - Spaceshuttle

Crop circles remain a mystery, despite the admission of many crop circle creators of the human kind. After the 1991 Bower and Chorley confession that they had created many of the circles first discovered in the 1970's in England, many thought the mystery had been solved. However, more began to spring up all around the world, numerous and intricate, appearing in minutes, sometimes accompanied by orbs or fast moving lights...

Lucy Pringle in The Independent writes, "Nobody knows for sure how crop circles are made. Reports of strange mists creating the complicated patterns in a matter of minutes, their connotations with little green men and Midwich Cuckoos and elaborate hoaxes have fostered a widespread unwillingness to take the idea seriously. This approach both feeds the mystery around the concept and prevents further exploration of it, as it is an area of research that is unlikely to be awarded large research grants or space on university courses. But, as Blake remarks: “There’s neither rhyme nor reason, they just keep coming.”


Crop circles never cease to fascinate and amaze us, especially as they become more and more elaborate, and as we decode their complex messages. Stay tuned for more stories about crop circles as we follow the latest developments and take you on a tour of some of the most famous circles of all time....and the mysteries they reveal!

What do you believe? Who or what creates these intricate patterns? Some have appeared in sand and ice also....are these beautiful patterns made by man or by some other more...unearthly hand?

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