This is not at all what a solar storm looks like. But it's still pretty terrifying. (Getty Images)more pics » Lightning has nothing to do with solar storms. But it is darn pretty sometimes. (Getty Images) While it sounds like something out of cheesy sci-fi movie, we promise you it's no joke: a wild and crazy solar storm has hit earth today, the biggest, in fact, since 2005. And here's what you need to know.

While most of these terms and numbers won't make any sense to you, here they are anyway. If nothing else, memorize some of the data and then spew it out to your friends at dinner. They'll definitely think you're cooler than them. Or atleast nerdier.

According to Gizmodo, roughly 2,000 geomagnetic storms occur in every 11-year solar cycle. But what makes this particular storm today so unique is that it's a proton storm. And apparently, those are extremely rare.

In fact, this solar storm is so precious that it ranks S3 on a 5 level scale of danger! But don't worry, the world won't come to its end. Though, your GPS may bug out on you.

"Many airliners have been avoiding the North Pole routes because they are more exposed to the proton storm, which disrupts High Frequency radio communications," said physicist Doug Biesecker of NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center.

If the storm goes on for a long time, it could disrupt and/or damage power grids. But aside from that, as Gizmodo says, "you shouldn't worry about the world ending tomorrow."

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