In the latest UFO news, a spectacular video taken over Mexico City shows a gigantic, circular OVNI hovering in the air. It's brilliantly lit and, for the first part of the video, seems to be spinning in the classic "Close Encounters" style.

The video edits jump to a later frame, which shows the lights have gone out, except for one, and what look like airplanes or helicopters buzzing by for a closer look at the unidentified flying object.

The video is taken out the window of a high-rise building which gives a wide open view of the nighttime scene. It's too bad the whole sequence isn't shown, because it's kind of mysterious why the main part of the UFO appears to disappear.

What is this thing which is making UFO news all around the web? Why are aircraft buzzing around it? Is the government hiding something?

Here's the video:     this article first appeared on  by Tom Rose

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