Two Shrewsbury based UFO investigators and researchers Darren Perks and Phil Hoyle, will be featuring on a new high profile 8 part UFO TV series to be aired on the History Channel this summer.

In Shaun Ryder on UFOs he will explore the history of UFO sightings by travelling the world unpicking the fact from the fiction, and discovering just how close to our alien neighbours we actually are.

The former ‘Happy Mondays’ front man, shot to fame in the 90’s with smash hits such as ‘Step On’ and ‘Kinky Afro’ and recently returned to the limelight during his stint in the jungle with I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here in 2010. Shaun is a fervent believer in extra-terrestrials and caims to have seen a UFO at the age of 15 and has since attributed other out of body experiences to alien involvement. Two Shropshire UFO experts will be joining in with the programme Darren Perks and Phil Hoyle.

UFO Investigator and
 researcher Darren Perks
Darren Perks is a Shropshire based UFO Investigator and researcher who witnessed the famous UK ‘Cosford UFO Incident’ which happened on 30th March 1993.

Dubbed the ‘British UFO Mystery’ Darren has investigated the incident and similar sightings over the years and retells his account in one of the episodes. This is not Darren’s first media experience after appearing in numerous television programmes and media publications on the subject.

Phil Hoyle is a leading expert on the subject and specialises in animal mutilations. He has been investigating the subject for over 30 years and is highly regarded in Ufology in the UK and worldwide. He runs the Shrewsbury based UFOIRU (UFO Investigations & Research Unit) and active group investigating all things related to UFOs and the Extra-Terrestrial subject in Shropshire, Wales and the rest of the UK and currently writes the UFO casebooks.

Phil Hoyle
Shaun’s quest for truth will lead him all over the globe, starting in the wormhole (a “shortcut” through space-time) in his Manchester back garden, before heading off to visit the US, Peru, Chile and Australia. The series will try to be a serious reflection on the subject with a quirky twist from Ryder.

Filming will take place in Shrewsbury throughout January and will feature Darren, Phil and Shaun in locations around Shropshire and Powys where there have been UFO sightings and incidents related to the subject.

This is the latest in a long line of Shropshire’s association with the UFO subject in the media and there is more to come later in the year.

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