By Lisa Marie Krysiak: The Full Moon appears about every 29 days. January’s moon is named Full Wolf Moon, also known as Old Moon. Native American Tribes stated that wolves howled in hunger while staring at the full moon outside their villages; Hence the name Wolf Moon. While the moon may look mysterious at times, especially during its full phase, myths have been told through the years about unexplained phenomena’s surrounding the evening hours. People to this day still refer to the evening as "The night of the crazy people" or "Loony people". The term lunatic is derived from the word Lunar (Moon). It has been linked to insomnia and insanity during this period, giving us the term lunacy, (lunatics).

Through many discussions about the (full moon effect), we still cannot understand whether there is a direct connection to the moon. Strange behaviors along with weird occurrences are said to be caused by a type of electrical energy (charge). In laymen’s terms it’s a reaction to an increase of positive Ions in the air, which can cause hyperactivity, violent behavior or even depression. According to scientists, almost all of the air we breathe has aero-ions. These ions are charged particles in the air, some being negative and some positive. They claim that an imbalance in the ratio between these Ions have a profound effect on mental health, along with physical well being.

The general population reacts favorably to negative ions, virtually having no side effects. High positive Ion concentrations in the air have been associated with the full moon, which can leave one feeling euphoric, while producing more adrenaline. It is serotonin that triggers adrenaline, but once the adrenaline gland is exhausted ... months or weeks down the road, side effects begin to show up. Psychological side effects range from emotional unbalance to insecurities or listlessness towards work, while physically the effects are more of body pains, twitching of the eyes, low blood pressure and sometimes leading to severe upper respiratory problems. While many studies have found no real connection between the full moon and human biology, researchers have seen an increase in reports by late-night police, emergency room personnel and psychiatric doctors.

   Still, there is no reliable evidence to support that human behavior is influenced by the full moon. However, employees as well as employers swear that when the moon is out, so are the strange people, and I too believe that something is vastly different around this time. I am not surprised when I see people at a store acting strangely (more than normal), and asking questions that are not even relevant to what they may be shopping for, in fact sometimes their behavior is a bit bizarre.

Off the wall behavior along with weird happenings is more common than not around this period (of the full moon). Now whether it’s "coincidence" ... or not, is something I’ll leave to the imagination, and let you decide for yourself. You may find a list of the monthly Moon names as well as dates for the Full-Moon at . This is a great link to surf and full of information for harvesting, including many other fact-finding tidbits. Whatever your superstitions may be, you’re not alone.

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