WABASHA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Despite rigorous efforts, it appears there's no way to stop the spread of Asian carp.
Thursday on the Mississippi in Wabasha, a group of commercial fisherman dropped their nets and among about 20,000 pounds of fish they found a medium sized grass carp.
Fisherman Tim Adams says, "They're starting to worry us. These buffalo are what we want to catch as fishermen because they're worth the most money. These other fish are going to directly compete, especially the silver and the bighead. They eat the same stuff and that's going to be one of our bigger downfalls."
Adams says the extensive efforts to stop the spread will not work.
He explains, "It's no different than a farmer trying to keep his cows in. Sooner or later they get through the fence."
As fisherman they're trying to take full advantage of the food fish offer.
Fisherman Kenneth Seemann says, "Basically what we're doing as commercial fisherman is we're utilizing a renewable resource that would otherwise go to waste."
Adams suggests taking advantage of the invasive species just the same.
He says, "I think the best way to stop them is to establish the markets and get people eating them. Of course, me as a fisherman it's a little biased to say, but if you think about it, it's probably the best way to do it. Get a bunch of guys out here trying to catch them. There's not a fish in the world that can't be over fished."
This winter, the invasive species isn't his biggest concern, the warmer conditions are hindering the craft.
Adams says, "This mild winter is just killing us. For about the last month we haven't done any fishing." http://www.wxow.com

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