Well, this isn't something you see every day — good thing, too. A Boeing 767 traveling from Newark Airport in Jersey to Warsaw, Poland had to make an emergency landing at its destination without its landing gear. After the jump: a lot of dust and fire.

The plane, which is operated by Poland's LOT Airlines and carried 230 souls all told, couldn't lower its landing gear after "a central hydraulic system failure," according to a LOT statement. The pilot circled above Warsaw's Frederic Chopin International airport to allow emergency crews to get into place and then brought the plane in hot. And we mean hot — flames were spewing out from behind the jet engines, though luckily the aircraft held together and nothing, y'know, exploded. Pretty amazing.

LOT reports that all the passengers and crew walked away unharmed. The Polish airport is down a runway, however, and will be closed until Wednesday morning.

See the raw video down below, courtesy the AP.

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