An astonishing alien encounter has left many in the nation of Peru in a state of shock and looking for answers, however the Peruvian government is claiming ignorance regarding this UFO event and has as of yet not been forthcoming with information. The event took place two weeks ago on the 12th of October when a large number of locals in the city of Chimbote saw a large, white, cylindrical UFO zoom across the sky above them. The incident was extensively covered by Peru's mediua (see viudeo below)

UFO enthusiasts on the Internet have reacted with enthusiasm regarding the event.

Andrew Goodman of New Jersey writes: "All the current information leads me to believe that this is plausable for them moment that it could be a real ufo....As for the guy saying the skyline needs to be there that isnt 100% true. there are plenty of fakes with a skyline. though if it were a fake wouldnt you want to do it at night? and make it a small dot rather then a large line that way its easier to hide the hoax. i'm 70-30 in favor of this as legit!"

Jeffrey Gayken adds: "To deny that something rather strange is going on out there would be ludicrous... however for us mere humans to make any conclusions about these strange happenings would be even more ludicrous! There is a lot of speculation. For me they seem to be multidemensional. To assume they come from some other planet in some other galaxy is scientifically challenging."

UFO sightings are common in the area and the Peruvian Airforce has admitted to having a department that tracks and studies UFOs.

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