Victoria Beckham photographed a UFO over her home! So what's the first thing she did after her alien encounter? She tweeted about it, of course!
Just in time for Halloween, the fashionista captured a strange flying object on film. The extremely bright orb is much too bright to be an airplane light, a star, or the moon. It's also casting light on the trees below, which makes it seem like it's fairly close to the ground.
Victoria tweeted this photo of the UFO with the following message: "UFO hovering above our house last night!!!!! X vb." And apparently she's not the only one that saw the object in the sky, because star hairstylist Ken Paves tweeted this photo with another message: "UFO hovering above Beckham's house. Grab the kids @victoriabeckham and RUN-RUN @victoriabeckham RUN!"
Of course the celeb pals don't seem too concerned about the bright light in the sky, so what was Victoria Beckham really photographing? Perhaps some crafty paparazzo was trying to snap shots of her fam from a helicopter.
But, then again, maybe aliens are staking out celebrities -- Miley Cyrus' dad Billy Ray Cyrus recently spotted a UFO, and earlier this month Demi Lovato tweeted that she saw a UFO over LA.
So are aliens planning on abducting big stars like Victoria Beckham and Demi Lovato? And did they get here two decades too late in the case of Billy Ray?
Well, there's no telling what Mr. Achy Breaky Heart and Demi actually saw, but Victoria's photo appears to show a bright overhead light (if you look closely, you can even see the pole that it's on). Perhaps there were some people working outside at night using the light, or maybe she's having lights put up outside for a big Halloween bash for her boys.
So what do you think of her sighting?

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