Earthquake that occurred in Van, Turkey Embassy in Tokyo after the Japanese currency in the mail box with messages of support for the envelopes and letters from escaping by throwing .
According to the AA correspondent, Turkey, Japan in March this year 'aid after the earthquake that occurred on the faithful not forget the Japanese quietly, the notes in the well-wishes, condolence messages began to have the envelopes filled with money.

In Turkish in Turkey "for recovery", including statements such as the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo to meet many nameless envelopes coins began in Turkey.

Letters to a child, a 5-year-old "Ganbatte Turkey" Turkey Awesome! "Grade in the mail box of envelopes, most notably thrown.

Some of the money inside the envelope, or anonymous notes stated only age and gender is one of the following statements:

"Victims of the earthquake, the people, I would like to get past. Yardımlarınıza at the time of the earthquake in Japan in March as a Japanese citizen, I would like to thank the"

"Van, I learned the earthquake caused enormous damage. As a Japanese citizen, rescue operations there, and I wanted to help to make the situation normal"

"Quantity is used less, but for the victims of the earthquake savinirim. Damage, lack of a larger hope"

"Van earthquake who lost their lives in the deepest condolences to the relatives of forwards, I would like to say everyone who were affected by the earthquake. 11 march in the home country of Japan is a lot of major disaster relief supplies and purchased an donor contributions. Thank you. In this time I wanted to help you. (Male, Fukuşima'da live) "

"First of all I wish başsağılığı. In the same year in two different continents at the same great catastrophe is very sorry. I am a teacher (high school world history) that the history of your country, the Turkish people's courage, the better I know the size of Ataturk. As soon as I wish to become victims to normal life and the further development of friendship between the two countries wish "

"I would like to get past the people who are victims of the earthquake. In March, for helping us at the time of the earthquake in Japan as a Japanese citizen, I would like to thank you,"

"Since the Meiji era and the continuing friendship between the two countries in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war to the Japanese recovered, as one would like to thank the state of Wakayama. In 2008, Mr. Cumhurbaşkanınızın to visit us, too many morels. Well"

wrap their wounds ...

This is interesting in helping shape and grade AA correspondent, speaking after the Tokyo Embassy Press Counselor of Turkey Sinan Kürüm taken so far within the envelope to the mailbox and found thousands of dollars the amount of money in this situation is still continuing, he said.

This is the situation between Turkey and Japan, the peoples and states in disaster situations is a great example of cooperation and solidarity, a sense of emphasizing the institution, this situation is really said anything to display sample.

Regimens, Japan's largest supermarket chain in the mailbox outside assistance came to 5 million yen to the head of a voucher stating that the Chief of the Bronze Angılı'ya delivered, in some provinces and districts in Turkey with our sister organizations in the streets of Japanese cities, which it did open the boxes and donation boxes collected was passed through the help.

Some of the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo in mail envelopes per box Fukişima nuclear disaster affected areas and the northeast of the earthquake was felt the most intense Kürüm said that, after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake affected more assistance to help Turkey sends its own people in the region because of the wounds saramayan very duygulandığını embassy staff said.

Regimens, and the Japanese embassy's mail box is on the street tried to escape, threw the envelope did not want to look specifically stated, these attitudes affect the self-stated.

Japanese children and Japanese flag drawn on the Turks threw paper money in the mail box that says Kürüm, aid increased with each passing minute, he added.

Contributions from 100 thousand dollars from the public was

Aid from the Japanese embassy officials so far is over $ 100 thousand, and the Japanese continuous telephone, e-mails and letters received records.

Japan, through Japan International Cooperation Agency to Turkey as a state of 30 million Japanese yen (about 400 thousand U.S. dollars) with the tent and had decided to provide emergency relief supplies.

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