Could it be possible? The arrival of the long awaited Planet X, also called Nibiru that is supposedly inhabited by a race of Manipulative Extraterrestrials according to certain sources that have been responsible for ancient oppressive empires on Earth?

The Planet X adds to the 2012 deception that is brainwashing humanity into the ideology of “change“. Planet X appears to be part of a deceptive plot designed to activate the New World Order. The year 2012 is generating an international mind-set—an ideology of the end-of-the-world or an awakening.

The mainstream “archon“-owned and controlled media rarely mentions the subjects of UFOs, Aliens, or Planet X within any meaningful context. In fact, these subjects are often treated within derogatory content by debunkers and sceptics.

Many sources claim that Planet X is already within our solar system, and images of it have apparently been captured by NASA satellite cameras—however, secrecy dominates the government and its big deceptive plot to unite the world under the false flag of an alien invasion that has been plotted by alien operatives on Earth.

Alfred Webre writes that the increased frequency of UFO sightings is directly linked to a planned orchestration of an alien invasion under the direction of Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their operatives on Earth.

The deceptive plot to unite the world within a common bond and vision will accomplish the most deceptive scheme yet.

The 2012 syndrome is creating a mind-set that will generate a defensive nature of survival which adds to the brainwashing movies and TV shows that relate to survival. There is a 2012 movement that supports the Planet X scenario that will crash into the earth, or create a pole shift, or better yet, the Anunnaki will return with their god “Enki” for the so-called “benefit of humanity“.

The movie makers of Hollywood continue to portray a war and a scenario of survival, however not many movies about a 12th Planet yet. A 12th Planet scenario could produce a deception of the ET Grays arriving to the earth, except for the fact that the ET Grays, according to Alex Collier, have been here since the mid 1930’s, and have sought to create a parallel reality on Earth through temporal manipulations.

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