With all the talk about alternate fuel cars, one technology you hear little about is the compressed air engine. Toyota wants top change that, so they built a car that could break 80-mph running on nothing but a bunch of hot air.

The Ku:Rin uses what is essentially an air conditioner compressor operating in reverse to provide power, and while the 80.3-mph top speed sounds good, the paltry two mile range isn't going to cut it in the real world.
Clearly Toyota went for low weight in order to capture that speed title, but if they can add a few more compressed air tanks to increase the range, they could be on to something. Let's just hope that they don't scale it back as far as that compressed air Tata we saw a couple of years ago.
Compressed air cars are kind of similar to electric vehicles, in that they don't create any pollution when running, but only to generate their "fuel." Compressing all that air takes power, although you can use a wind generator to keep the entire process really green. All we need now is compressed air fueling stations set up every two miles, and we'll be good to go.

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