For those interested in the legend of Pahana, the following information may prove to be quite valuable.
The pics above are the group of items that literally washed up to my feet while walking the beach south of San Clemente pier in California on April 20, 2008. In addition to the idol, which is in the shape of the head and although hard to see in the pic, has several markings including a triangle etched into the temple as well as pyramid-like triangles drawn on the cheek area, I also found a large fossilized shark tooth as well as a piece of fossilized bone. Last, and certainly not least, I found a triangle-shaped piece of grey marble with blotches of rose throughout that also features triangle-shaped markings and amazingly, fits perfectly into the tablet that the Hopi have and currently await the missing piece.

Because many of the symbols correspond with Hopi belief and I was living in Phoenix at the time, I extensively researched the possible connection. At this point, almost 3 and a half years later, I have yet to find anything that does not insinuate that these items belong to the great Hopi people. I even took the items to the Inter Tribunal Council of Arizona, or the ITCA, only to have them contact the Hopi elders and in turn, ask that I continue to take great care of the items and please remain confidential on the matter.

For anyone who knows about the Hopi, many people throughout the past century have come along claiming to have the lost tablet piece. In each case that is documented, the individual contacted the Hopi with their claim and the Hopi invited that person to visit Northern Arizona to show them in person. In each known case, the Hopi turned the individuals away. However, in this case, I was given no invitation (For those familiar with the prophecy, perhaps we can see why.) Only instruction to remain silent and continue to take great care of the items with anticipation of future contact.

To take the possibilities one step further, I would like to illustrate that the head-shaped idol bears some remarkable connections to both the Hopi people as well as Ancient Egypt. Considering the presence of the pyramids on the idol, this item could in fact be an ancient North American connection to ancient Egypt, which we all know makes perfect sense.

I am not here to convince anyone of anything, rather simply sharing with the world the situation I am currently experiencing. Despite the Hopi plea to remain silent, I feel the unyielding intuition to spread the word on the matter at hand. Taking into context that the Hopi claim the Blue Star Kachina will reveal itself in the great plaza, then the internet seems a likely place for me to start.

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