While the UARS is over and done with, another satellite is going to make the attempt to survive (and it will fail) the Earth's atmosphere next month.

ROSAT may not be larger, but this satellite will be one of the most dangerous satellites, giving Earth a 1 in 2000 chance of someone being hit. Anyone hit by this one would certainly not feel good and here is what makes this so dangerous.

ROSAT is Germany's Space Telescope. The satellite scope has mirrors that were designed and built for extreme heat. These mirrors will break, but most of it will be intact when it hits the Earth. The mirrors will act like a giant blade raining many pieces of glass onto a stretch of over 500 km.
UARS was dangerous due to the heavier pieces, but ROSAT will be dangerous because it will be like throwing knives out of an airplane and not knowing where thousands of these knives will land.

ROSAT simply is going to be one to watch over the next month. Recent solar storm activity is lessening the orbit day by day and the Sun will belch x-class flares toward the planet this week. This prompts the conclusion this satellite will come in next month, earlier than the later month forecast.

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