Wallabies are small Australasian marsupials that are similar to kangaroos. According to a CNN report from August 2, 2011, wallabies are also responsible for getting high on opium and creating multiple crop circles in Tasmania. That's right, the phenomenon frequently blamed on UFO's seems to be getting a hand from the common wallaby.

It sounds too good to be true, but a recent report states that the small marsupials are sneaking into medicinal poppy field crops, getting stoned, and hopping vigorously in circles to create circular patterns in the fields.

Of course, it seems highly unlikely that the wallabies are creating the amazingly detailed crop circles that are frequently found in the United Kingdom's fields and elsewhere throughout the world.

For example, the video on the left shows a recent crop circle that was discovered late last month in West Woodhay Down, Wiltshire, UK. There was no explanation for the amazing and huge crop circles. Wallabies are definitely not the answer. Whether UFOs are the answer still remains to be determined.

Until a definite cause is discovered for the elaborate crop circles that appear with surprising regularity in farmers' fields, people will have to continue to resort to conjecture. Some of the potential causes of crop circles cited in the past include hoaxes, fungi, microwaves, the wind, airplanes, UFOs, and aliens.

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