A very strange UFO was sighted over Los Cristianos, Spain last Saturday, August 21.
The witness, Jamie O’Rourke spotted the oddly shaped object near his house around 8:00am.
Jamie had the presence of mind to grab a camera and snap some pictures before the UFO was out of sight.

One of the more unique UFOs seen over the years it was elongated and looked very similar to a Scorpion with pincer like appendages at one end and a stinger tail at the other.
Frankly, I think it’s kind of cool and would love to have seen video of this strange craft.

In one of the most unusual recent UFO sightings, a scorpion-shaped object was spotted in the skies above Los Cristianos, Spain on Saturday, August 21, 2011. Jamie O’Rourke saw the unidentified flying object near his home around 8:00am and managed to snap several photos before the object disappeared.

An Internet search for scorpion-shaped kites did not reveal anything like the bizarre object seen in the photos on the left side of this page. A similar search for scorpion-shaped UFOs also revealed nothing. The strange unidentified flying object photographed in Los Cristianos seems to defy logic or explanation at this time.
You can see from the photos that this UFO was elongated in shape and dark in color. It had two protruding appendages on one end that resembled the pincers or claws of a scorpion. On the opposite end, the UFO had a long tail that looked like the tail or stinger of a scorpion.

UFO Global Reporting Center has the scoop on this UFO sighting on their blog. They reported: “One of our [UFO Global Reporting Center's] subscribers Jamie O’Rourke (FaceBook) sent us these images. Jamie took these images near his house around 20th Street, about 8:00am on August 21, 2011.”

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