Being a tourist is usually pretty predictable. You travel to nice places, take a few pictures, drink bottled water and then go home. But every once in a while, something unexpected happens. Such was the case when a group of tourists visited a glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska. The travelers were on a boat near the impressive 200-foot glacier, when they heard a rumbling noise. The glacier (at least part of it) was collapsing into the sea. At first, the tourists simply took more pictures. It was only after about 10 seconds when they realized that this wasn't your typical ice-crash. Chunks of ice went flying toward the boat, and a huge wave sent the passengers reeling. "Holy crap!" someone shouted over and over. One passenger suffered a broken leg, according to the video's description on YouTube. You can watch the video below. Beware, it does include some coarse language about half-way through. But when you're on a boat under attack by massive chunks of falling ice, you might as well swear like a sailor.

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