PHOENIX - People around the world are clicking on a portion of ABC15 video that shows a massive dust storm rolling into the Valley on Tuesday.

Several well known UFO websites, which has linked the video on their websites, claim the Air15 video reveals objects known as "orbs" in the dust storm.

One website states the video shows a "clear disc-shaped object".

The Open Minds website posted the Air15 video and wrote: "The object appears to have an almost saucer-like shape, which fueled speculation of extraterrestrial craft." They also offer their own explanation about what the object most likely was.

UFOHUNTERORGUK also profiled the video shown on CNN with the headline, "U.F.Orbs captured at Massive ‘haboob’ hits Arizona town 6, July 2011"

We asked ABC15 Facebook followers what they think and here's what a few people said:

P.j. Hughes: I don't know what's in the video, but yes, UFOs and aliens exist.

Jess Armadillo: I think those are inbound planes.

Shay Mason: I've worked in commercial aviation for around 10 yrs. I'm certain it's not planes. It may be reflection on the camera lens tho...but I'm 98% sure it's not airplanes.

Susan Plunkett: If we're here then why couldn't others be here too. It's arrogant to think humans are the only ones worth life.

So what is it? A UFO? An airplane? Helicopters?

The truth is, the two "orbs" are actually airplanes.

"I saw the planes the whole time and I actually heard the pilots describing the low visibility conditions as they were making their approach into Sky Harbor," said Air15 Photojournalist Jesse Rutherford who shot the video in question.

We found some of the links posted on the UFO websites do not include the entire clip of the video.

Air 15 was positioned about 400 feet off the ground over Tempe facing east. At the time, the airplanes are at a higher altitude and at the end of the video clip one of the planes is clearly seen flying in the direction of Sky Harbor.

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