By Stan Hernandez

When I first asked RSR if they were looking for a writer to cover UFOs, Aliens, and the Illuminati, I was pleasantly surprised by the response. My Managing Editor Geno McGahee responded with an “absolutely,” and here we are. The topic of choice today are the crop circles and whether or not they are legitimate, and having some inside information on this topic, I can answer this simply by saying: yes…and no.
First, let’s talk about what is hurting the UFO enthusiast’s community. It is the willingness to believe everything and anything that comes out regarding UFOs and aliens as legitimate without investigation. That poster that says “I want to Believe” with the UFO says it all, but this mentality hurts our cause and the more that time passes, the less and less serious this topic is taken. The Government is on the board. They have won the round, convincing the public that not only are UFOs nonsense but that anyone that believes in them is batty. Never underestimate the power of the media.

I am happy to say that my finances are in order and that it has allowed me to travel the world and speak to various people regarding the topic of Crop Circles. I have been on stakeouts in areas that have seen many crop circle formations and have examined the activity.

The least favorite activity for a UFO buff is the art of dismissal. Can it be dismissed as a natural or man made event? If so, then you must lean that way. If not, then you can further examine the evidence and follow it to a reasonable conclusion. The majority of the crop circles can be explained and have been created by the hand of man, but there are those so complex, emitting energy that could not be applied via the hand of man, that you must seek the source elsewhere.

The 2008 crop circle in Wiltshire is evidence of extraterrestrial involvement. The crop circle, 150 feet in diameter, is a coded image, representing the first 10 numbers. From all of my sources, the first contact made with aliens from our government was done through numbers.

Remember what I said as well about UFOs being invisible to the naked eye. When I speak to the farmer that owns the field where this crop circle was made, I never ask them if they saw any UFOs or spaceships. It is irrelevant because I know they are already there. They are everywhere. I only need to see the location, do my tests, and come to a determination.

The 2008 Wiltshire incident had the characteristics that I look for. 1. It was an overly complex crop circle, a near impossible proposition for people to do, especially so in the dark. 2. It emitted energy that we were able to pick up and prove, something that you do not get when a man-made crop circle is discovered. In face, it is the easiest way to tell the difference between the two.

I have heard from a very high source in the US Government that there is a campaign, started in the 1970s, where the government will train and pay citizens to produce crop circles and then come forward later, admitting that they did it, to get the people away from UFO involvement. This plan has worked like a charm, but there are certainly flaws if you investigate enough.

There is an alien connection to crop circles, a communication that we have shared with them for years, based on the number system, something that we both fully understand. I will gladly say that 99% of the crop circles that you see are man-made, commissioned by our government and the governments of other countries, but there is that 1%, a proven communication by extraterrestrials, and it must be taken seriously.

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