This diver was almost sucked into the mouth of a massive whale shark as it fed on plankton off Isla Mujeres, Mexico! Check out the slideshow to see more. (Photo: Mauricio Handler/

The diver was actually far from staring into the jaws of death. The shark, which is the sea's largest fish, is actually vegetarian. The relieved diver escaped from the encounter unscathed and continued to enjoy the presence of the incredibly docile animals.

The stunning photograph, by Mauricio Handler, was taken during a feeding session where more than 600 of the huge creatures gathered to feed on tuna spawn.

A whale shark skimming for fish eggs on the waters surface.

Aerial perspective of the gathering. Six snorkelers float, waiting to get a glimpse of these giants. These are not professional divers - just tourists.

Whale sharks swim as divers take photos.

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