A woman in Lyons, Kansas named Chrystal Wilson is charged for having a sanctuary of vicious animal. The woman was caught with her illegal domestication of animals when one of her pets, a python snatched her neck. The snake would not let go of her until police stepped in.
Chrystal took the snake out from its cage to feed it when clenched its jaw on her neck. The snake measures eight feet, and fortunately the snake has small teeth instead of sharp fangs.
It was a child who called the police to report the incident. Officer Max Bryant responded right away. He strained the snake jaw, and parted with his hands. Bryant will be honored by the Lyons City Council for being brave enough.
Detmer, from Lyons City Council said that it's rare to have a man or a woman to grab the mouth of the snake like what Officer Bryant did.
On the other hand, Wilson had moved to Lyons City about one year ago, and was asked to take away the snake from the house because it's too risky for children. She therefore received a violation citation for keeping the snake as a pet.

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