It’s not often that hackers and cybercriminals get the blessing from the Catholic Church. In fact, it’s pretty much never happened before and has many people scratching their heads. What are we taking about? Jesuit priest Father Antonio Spadaro wrote in the Vatican magazine Civilta Cattolica that hackers are doing God’s work. Yes, this is not a post-April Fool’s Day joke.

According to this CBS News article, the hacker ethic of embracing a rejection of a profit-oriented approach to work is appealing. “It’s a vision that is … of a clear theological origin,” Spadaro wrote, alluding to their collaborative vision of sharing – a philosophy he said was embodied by the Wikipedia model.

Well, perhaps when we say giving cybercriminals their blessing; that may be a bit extreme. Father Spadaro is clearly touting the benefit of openness, creativity and collaboration and sites Wikipedia as a prime example (from the CBS News article):

“To create the biggest collaborative encyclopedia of Internet it is estimated that it took around 100 million hours of intellectual work, which is the equivalent of the time the citizens of the United States spend watching advertising on TV in a single weekend,” according to Spadaro.

Yes, we agree that Wikipedia is an amazing thing — a true example of open source collaboration. And, yes, there are certain aspects of the hacker culture that is cool — like thumbing their noses at authority and seeking justice – but there are also some very bad things about hackers. Cybercrime, anyone?

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