A UFO has been documented in the sky above Sochi. Local residents, who witnessed its appearance, reported about unusual flashes in the sky to the local media.

A video recording, which documented the visit of extraterrestrial visitors, has become very popular on the Internet. According to the resident of the Krasnodar Territory Sergey Kolpikov, who filmed some luminous objects with his mobile phone, the silhouette of those lights looked like flying saucers. "Whatever it was, they were quite large", he said.

After the UFO footage was featured in a local television news report, several other people who also claimed to have witnessed an unusual phenomenon in the sky over the city responded to the video.

Notwithstanding, reports of UFOs observed on the Russian Black Sea coast arrive regularly. A joke about the mysterious objects that claims that aliens arrive in the Krasnodar region to monitor the preparation for the 2014 Olympics has already become popular.

However, experts say that this part of Russia reminds of a U.S. terrain where people have pinpointed a UFO trail and unexplained phenomena are observed continuously.

"In the Krasnodar Territory, the cases of alien activity are really quite frequent, and the frequency level is almost the highest in the country. In places like Sochi – a big city stretching along the coast – there is really a good chance to notice something unusual", said a representative of the Kosmopoisk society Vadim Chernobrov.

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