They obviously didn't have much else to do on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.
And with the news of a mystery to rival the Loch Ness monster spreading across the town, the residents flocked to capture a glimpse of the beast that occupied the river.
However, their eagerness to see what had invaded actually led to the town of Bridgwater in Somerset becoming a laughing stock on internet site Twitter.

Crowding on the Town Bridge, hundreds of people peered into the murky waters of the River Parrett to try to discover the 'unidentified floating object'.
With such a commotion going on in their town, the local paper seized the opportunity with a lead story on their website about what was happening.
Locals in the town speculated that it was a dead pig or turtle, while others reckoned it was a dolphin.
Another onlooker thought the object was a stone, while one said he believed it was a dog.
But just when it appeared the story was passing, the internet jokers got hold of it - and soon it was spreading like wildfire.
The local newspaper website's story was inundated with comments asking why such a story could be headline news - and speculating to the identity.
One wrote: 'Believe me, it will be the most exciting thing that happens in Bridgwater for decades.'
And Twitter users who had noticed that the story was now a trend on the site then added their own views on the story.
Some suspected that a new breed of animal known as a 'turtle-pig', a combination of the two, could be the most likely explanation.
And user Matt Crivelli tweeted: 'Bridgwater, well done for reinforcing everyone's stereotypical view of Somerset...'
The town residents though appeared more concerned with what the object was than any of the internet mocking
One local, Coral Pople, told the local newspaper: 'I've been here for 45 minutes. Everyone was saying it was a turtle, but it looks more like a pig to me.'
Andrew Coles told the paper he thought somebody had jumped into the water, and heard rumours a body was in the river.
Taking a look: A large crowd gathered on Town Bridge in Bridgwater
to try to discover what the unidentified object floating in the river was

He said: 'I think it was a pig or cow’s head. But I heard people saying ‘look, you can see a hand!’ But I think it was just the animal’s ears flopping around.'
A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: 'We were made aware of a large number of people looking into the river.'
In 2009 a similar number of onlookers gathered at the bridge after a dead cow was spotted floating near the banks of the river.
But so far the identity of the Bridgwater monster remains a mystery.

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