An elderly Texas couple may have been killed by "killer bees." Original reports said it was a swarm of angry bees, but now officials believe that the swarm was actually that of Africanized honey bees.

The hybrid "killer bees" were originally introduced in Brazil in the 1950s from Africa. Since that time, they have been steadily moving North, appearing in Texas in the 1990s. These hybrid bees actually swarm more often than regular bees, which makes them all the more dangerous.

William and Myrtle Steele, 95 and 92 respectively, died as a result of the "killer bee" stings they sustained. Their 67-year-old son, Richard was injured in the swarm as well. The group was trying to clean out a cabin and when they moved a wood stove, the hive was exposed. In just seconds the killer bees swarmed them. Richard escaped and called for help, but it wasn't enough.

What a terrible end for this couple who had managed to live so long. Thankfully the son was able to survive the attack, and the officials who arrived to help were also not stung. These bees continue to cause problems, and are expected to continue spreading to additional states in the U.S. Be extremely careful if you suspect there could be bees around, especially if they are Africanized honey bees. Their removal is best left to professionals if it can at all be helped.

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