Sergeant Major James Norton
Around midnight on September 14, 1977 Command Sergeant Major James Norton had an experience he will never forget. In fact he claims to have something buried on his property to prove the experience.

It was a routine exercise at the Fort Benning, Georgia range as the Army was testing a new weapon called Joint Attack Weapons System or JAWS for short. As the live fire started there suddenly appeared orbs in the sky. As more men started to notice; strange lasers could be seen as the orbs changed from one color to the next. The order to “cease fire” was given as helicopters entered the area and then a triangle shaped craft was seen entering the air space.

As if this wasn’t a strange enough tale on its own, it was only the beginning of James Norton’s remarkable encounter that night.

James Norton UFO evidence

Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

John Vasquez, author of ‘Incident at Fort Benning’ contacted me and told me he has a reliable source of the incident at Fort Benning, Georgia. That reliable source is Command Sergeant Major James Norton, who is now stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama. James Norton was a buck sergeant (E-5) at the time when he witnessed an eerie encounter with UFOs and the military on September 14, 1977. He was sent to the range a little before midnight along with 12 to 1300 troops to perform live fire with their new weapons systems called JAWS (Joint Attack Weapons System). The Secretary of the Army at the time was actually at the range.

He remembers when they started the live fire and all of a sudden there were orbs in the night sky. The next thing he saw was lasers crisscrossing through the sky. The command of ‘cease fire’ was heard, because there was something down range. Military helicopters appeared out of nowhere. Explosions were heard. Orbs in the night sky were changing a variety of different colors. A triangle shaped UFO showed up. The soldiers around Norton were in shock.

After the incident many soldiers became ill. Every soldier was briefed that if they were to disclose any information from this night, they would be court martialed and sent to Leavenworth. When Norton obtained his medical records it disclosed that his illness was of unknown origin, his temperature was 104, he was placed in a steel tub for 2 days in ice water, to bring his temperature down.

He had a memory lapse or as we know it in UFO lore, it is also callled missing time. He could not remember how he was on the range and later found himself in the woods. There was a lot of time disorientation. During a hypnosis session, he learned he was abducted and taken aboard a craft. Medical experiments were conducted and samples were taken from his body.

After the incident two jets came in what were white washed, no numbers were on the jets. The jets were there to collect UFO crash site debris. This is the important part to read from this article:

Norton picked up a metallic piece from the crash site that has strange hieroglyphics on it. This metallic piece cannot be burned. A hacksaw will not cut it, if you bend it, it will go back to its original shape. Norton has this metallic piece BURIED AT HIS PROPERTY! Norton is willing and ready to show this evidence to some credible UFOlogists and to the media! Norton claims he has proof of UFOs being real, with this solid piece of evidence that he held onto since the incident!!

As I continued my interview with Norton, he told me the post was closed for a while after the incident. The military helicopters that were shot down during the incident, were never reported to the FAA. He was burned from a mysterious red substance from this incident. Norton is now stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama and describes how they experiment with biological and chemical substances on this base and something else is going on. There is UFO activity at this base, it seems that our military is test flying UFOs over the base. Norton has incredible night vision footage of UFOs of all colors taken on the base. He has footage of a UFO going from one horizon to another horizon in a mere 2 seconds. He has video footage of a triangle shaped UFO that hovers over the base, no sound being emitted. He has all of this video footage for any credible UFOlogist to review!

To contact James Norton, please contact me at 916 203 7503 and I will place you in direct contact with Norton via his cell phone.

Norton has the evidence, now it’s time to let the public know the TRUTH about UFOs, let’s see Norton’s evidence!


As many of you have noticed I’m quite skeptical of just about everything out of the ordinary. However, on occasion something comes along that catches my attention, this is one of those occasions.

If this is true and Sergeant Major Norton really has this piece of metal buried in what is seemingly his back yard….Well, I don’t have to tell you the impact it will have on the entire UFO world. An added twist is that it would seem the military is involved somehow. If not in some sort of relationship with Extraterrestrials then more believably being solely responsible for this technology.

Could it be that the Army wasn’t really testing JAWS but performing some sort of exercise involving the 2,000 plus oblivious soldiers on that range? Was JAWS just a cover story from the higher ups to get these men on the range that night? And for what? Reaction? Abduction? Stress? There are so many possibilities here.

Of course as a skeptic I have to also keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and try to look at this from a standpoint of logic. Did it really happen at all? Well, first James Norton claims to have video of UFOs doing amazing aerial maneuvers and if that’s not enough he also says he has physical evidence in the form of a piece of metal with strange hieroglyphs on it. On the other hand it’s a little too convenient to disregard the rest of the group of over 2,000 by saying they were threatened with court marshal. I mean it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that out of all those witnesses not one will come forward to corroborate the Sergeant Majors story. At least that we know of at the time of this article. Then we have James Norton himself. Wasn’t he threatened with a future of breaking big one into little ones at Leavenworth? Why him and why now? Is it that he feels enough time has passed to keep the DoD off his back? Why didn’t he hunt down some of these soldiers that were there that night to back his story? So many questions that are left unanswered.

At the end of the day I have come to a conclusion. I can’t just disregard this story as I would with most others. As I said before, on occasion a story comes along that requires more than a look and a shrug. This is one such story and I hope to be able to investigate it further.

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