April 14, 2011 - A new video from NASA shows the evolution of the Universe in an animation that takes it from first light to the building blocks of life.

The video begins at the Big Bang and takes viewers through the different phases that the Universe went through to get to where it is today.

Using images from the Webb Space Telescope, the video takes us back to the earliest phases that it has discovered.

A great feature in the video show the "cosmic web" that astronomers have mapped with the images from the telescope. The sky map shows what looks like colored filaments made up of the million-plus galaxy super-clusters that make up the matter in our nearby Universe.

The Webb Space Telescope is able to glimpse stars from the very beginning of the Universe, and may even be able to catch them as they explode.

As the telescope continues to observe farther and farther into the skies, it will bring more new information that will help astronomers learn more about how the Universe works and how it all began.

You can view this amazing video by clicking on the video player to the left on the sidebar.

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