A Deloitte study concluded that two of the biggest barriers to adoption of electric vehicles are range anxiety -- concerns that EVs will not be able to meet consumers' travel requirements on a single charge -- and questions about where and how to recharge EV batteries.
Andrew Daga, principal founder and CEO of Malvern, Pa.-based Momentum Dynamics, says his company has a solution for both.
Momentum Dynamics is developing proprietary technology that will enable electric vehicles to recharge wirelessly. With the system, Daga emphasizes that "no plug-in cable or conductor is required, and no physical or human activity is required to make a connection between the grid and the vehicle."
The Momentum Dynamics system incorporates software that enables its wireless recharging stations to automatically identify vehicles and then bill vehicle owners for their power consumption, in much the same way that E-ZPass technology used by some turnpike systems automatically deducts fares from drivers' checking accounts when they pass through toll areas.
"The vehicle, which could be a commercial vehicle, is automatically recognized, and the charging sequence is initiated without the driving having to do anything," Daga explains.
The wireless recharging system is a mat that can be laid on a surface or embedded into pavement. The mats are "immune to any weather," Daga says, adding, "You can plow snow over them."

Momentum Dynamics envisions the mats being placed in a variety of public places, from supermarket and hotel parking lots to driveways and city streets, Daga explains.
"Anywhere people go as a destination or as a workplace opportunity can be a place where they charge their vehicle," Daga says.

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