Workers in a Siberian mining company in Yakutia have discovered a large diamond weighing more than 136 carats, a spokesman for the republic's Industrial Ministry said on Thursday.
The diamond has a very rare "honey-yellow" color, measures 33 x 23 millimeters, and is of irregular shape. The diamond's worth has not yet been determined.
The diamond was discovered by the Udachninsky Mining Company, which is a subdivision of ALROSA, one of the world's largest diamond producers mining 25% of the world's diamonds.
ALROSA in 2010 increased its sales of rough and finished diamonds to $3.38 billion. The company's shares are distributed among the Russian government (50.9%), the republic of Yakutia (32%), three regions within Yakutia (8%) and the remainder (around 9%) is held by other shareholders.

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