A recent news item about a memo regarding the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO/alien incident created controversy. Was the memorandum based on fact or a hoax?

On April 13, 2011, there was a news item about a 1950 UFO FBI Memo that allegd aliens landed in Roswell twhich appeared in the new FBI site, TheVault, which allows the public to read an assortment of documents, including some regarding UFOs. The memo, dated March 22, 1950, was written by Guy Hottel, special agent in charge of the Washington field office, addressed to the, then, Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. The subject was the flying saucers. Hottel claimed that an Air Force investigator told an FBI special agent that three spaceships and aliens’ bodies were recovered in Roswell, New Mexico. The FBI deleted the agent’s and investigator's names. Maccabee and others believe, while the memo is genuine, it’s based on a hoax.

Who is Bruce S. Maccabee PhD?
He earned a BS in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a PhD Physics, from The American University. In 1972, he began his career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He has vast experience in optical data processing, generation of underwater sound with lasers and ballistic missile defense utilizing high power lasers.

Maccabee has been involved with UFO research since the late 1960s when he joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena where he did research and investigation for the organization until its termination in 1980. He joined the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, in 1975 and was appointed to its Director for Maryland. Maccabee is the author or coauthor of more than one hundred UFO articles.

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Alleged Roswell UFO Cover-up
Many people wondered if Roswell New Mexico 1947 UFO Incident – A Government Cover Up? was true. Many witness saw mysterious aircraft crash in July, 1947. Sheriff George Wilcox called the Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Division, to find out if one of their planes crashed. Major Jesse Marcel and Counter Intelligence officer Sheridan Cavett investigated the field where the wreckage was found. Trucks, filled with debris and bodies, carried them to Hangar 84 until they would be flown to Wright-Patterson and other Air Force Bases. Evidence was confiscated. Orders were given to all involved not to discuss the incident.

In 1978, Marcel contacted respected UFOlogist Stan Friedman to tell him about the Roswell incident. His and others’ testimony spawned books, articles and media interest. Lieutenant Walter Haut, the Public Information Officer at the RAAF in 1947, wrote a notarized affidavit in December 2002 and authorized its release after his death. After he died in December 2005, the document that confirmed the Roswell incident was published. Roswell UFO Incident – Information Released Years After Event discusses the incident.

FBI 1950 UFO Memo Alleged to be Based on a Hoax
No one disputes that the FBI memo is genuine; however, Maccabee and others believe that the information about flying saucers and aliens’ bodies was an alleged hoax. Maccabee obtained the document from the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, in 1977 and wrote about it in his book, UFO-FBI Connection.

The informant postulated that the saucers were in New Mexico because the US had high powered radar equipment there that interfered with controlling mechanisms of their spacecrafts.


Maccabee stated that the document was in an official FOIA release, so he didn’t doubt the validity of the memo’s existence. He believes that its story seems to be the result of a tale told by con artist Silas Newton on March 8, 1950. Newton tried to convince potential oil company investors that he had secret alien technology which could be used to locate subterranean oil.

According to Maccabee, Newton’s tale laid the foundation for the Roswell incident by noting that three flying saucers with aliens in them crashed. The story was relayed from one person to another, like the children’s game, whisper down the alley. A man working for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations heard it, told it to the FBI agent who told Hottle about it, who sent the information to Hoover.

Jesse Emspack, of the International Business Times, one of the disclaimers about the alleged deception, stated that the actual memo was part of a fifty year old hoax.

FBI/Air Force UFO Link
In 1947, the Air Force asked the FBI to investigate alleged UFO sightings to find out if these were possible Communist subversive activities happening; however, Hoover told FBI agents that, if they received information about UFOs, not to investigate, but to send it to the Air Force. Sometimes, agents sent memos to FBI headquarters.

Could the FBI Vault Memo be a Hoax?

It’s a fact that the memo is genuine and was released to the public in 1977. In 1947, the USA and former USSR were engaged in the Cold War, which was their effort to attain global superiority. It’s generally accepted that this conflict began in 1945, when relations between Moscow and Washington began to fail. During the war, there were fears that the Soviet Union developed secret aircraft that would bomb the United States.

There are problems with the FBI memo. It’s unknown who the Air Force investigator and FBI agent were. Was the informant reporting fact or a rumor believed to be true? Why was this reported to Hottle, then, special agent in charge of the Washington field office and not to the one that covers New Mexico?

The memo was written in 1950, so it’s possible that Hottle, the anonymous investigator and FBI agent are dead. They can’t be interviewed to find out what happened that led to the memo being written. This is another enigma to add to others in the paranormal realm.
source:aol news

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