We're use to art displayed on the walls of art galleries but a new art making headlines and heads turn in Australia is arguably the oldest art form in history - it's body art.(abc.net.au)
Permanent tattoos and piercing aside, in India, Africa and the Middle East, the art of painting the body was practised for over five thousand years and in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, body decoration to this day reinforces clan identity.
Although historically customary in nature, its emergence in Australia has been modestly gaining interest, as artists paint breathtaking colours, spiritually symbolic and evocative narratives on nude bodies to make art.
The Australian Body Art Carnivale will be held in Eumundi from Friday 13 May - Sunday 15 May, 2011.
Attracting artists and spectators from across Australia and overseas, the Carnivale will again be 'A Festival of Colour' centred around body art in its many and varied forms. And as in previous years, the public will watch as human canvases take shape during the competitions.
For artists it will present an opportunity to showcase their creativity, experience the amazing atmosphere of the Carnivale and compete for prizes.
There will be a feast of other entertainment including a gala launch with the Masked Gallery Art Walk, competitions and exhibitions in pavement art, wearable art, vehicle art and photography. There will also be music, world-class street performers, workshops, and a Saturday evening sunset street party.

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