While scientific researchers are trying to prove the theory that ETs are mining asteroids, US's NASA is planning to send a manned mission to one of them.

News item on April 6, 2011 proclaimed that some scientists postulated ETs are mining asteroids. These are also called minor planets and planetoids because they’re composed of much of the same matter as planets; however they’re a lot smaller. These revolve around the Sun, not a planet, as moons do. There are organizations that have been trying to discover galactic alien life forms, ETs, for years using different methods. Some scientists have proposed looking for evidence that ETs are mining asteroids.

Scientists Theorize ETs are Mining Asteroids
Duncan Forgan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, and Martin Elvis PhD, Astrophysicist from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, theorize that signs of mining should be easy to find because this would create a lot of dust. Mining would produce effects that should be detected from earth. Scientists are aware of the specific ratio of elements found in asteroids’ debris belts. They should be able to see these belts where this ratio is different using spectroscopy. Large-scale mining would result in vast amounts of dust that would absorb heat from the sun and produce a thermal image. Forgan and Elvis claim that finding all of these signs raises the possibility of indicating ETs’ existence; however they admitted that they occur naturally and their recommendations increase the chance of finding alien life forms. The duo wrote that because natural phenomena can produce effects that appear to be caused by mining, observing these is not conclusive that ETs exist. They indicate that further research employing other techniques is needed.

The Center for SETI Research’s Quest for ETs
According to members, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is an exploratory science that seeks evidence for alien life forms in the universe by looking for some sign of their technology. Finding evidence of other technologically developed civilizations requires much work. The organization continues to develop signal-processing technology, using it to search for signals from ETs. From 1994 - 2004, the Center was funded entirely by donations from people and grants from private foundations. In 2005, a NASA grant was awarded for work on signal detection for the Allen Telescope Array.

NASA Plans Manned Mission to Asteroid
In 2010, President Obama gave a speech at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida stating that, by 2025, it’s expected that the US will have developed a new spacecraft designed for long journeys. The craft will allow the first manned missions to travel beyond the moon. This will begin by sending astronauts to an asteroid.

This plan raises issues. Are the scientific findings worth the endeavor? Why not send robots? And is there money for this project?

Asteroid matter can give scientists clues about how the solar system was formed and help people learn how life started on earth. Asteroids might become sources of metals, minerals, gases and water that can be used in the future.

Sending robots, instead of humans to an asteroid would be less risky and expensive, but the issue is whether or not robots would be able to perform all of the intricate assignments that astronauts would be trained for.
Concerning the cost of the project, Professor of Planetary Sciences and Chair, Program in Planetary Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Richard Binzel PhD said in spite of national advisory council recommendations, congressional mandates and the needs for exploration and planetary defense, there is no new funding.

Could Extraterrestrials be Mining Asteroids?
Recently, governments have been releasing top secret UFO/Alien files and UFOlogists have spoken up about cover-ups. There have been videos and photographs of UFO on the Internet and in other media.

Sir Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a cover-up of a WW II encounter between a UFO and a RAF bomber off of England’s coast for at least fifty years because he feared public panic. Allegedly, he made the orders during a secret wartime meeting with US General Dwight Eisenhower, then commander of the Allied Forces, at a secret American location.

Respected UFOlogist Stanton Friedman asserts that the US government hides the truth about UFO incidents from the public. He has investigated UFOs for over fifty years, in his quest for scientific proof of their existence. Friedman is a retired nuclear physicist who has worked on highly classified projects involving fusion and fission rockets and nuclear aircraft for high-tech companies.

Six former USAF officers, an enlisted man and a UFOlogist met on September 28, 2010 to testify to the press and government officials about aliens monitoring nukes. UFO sightings over nuclear weapons facilities have happened for decades. UFOlogist Robert Hastings stated several former service members said that, when they told their superiors about their concerns regarding UFOs, they were told the events didn’t happen or they were top secret.

In the light that NASA is working on technology to send a round trip manned spacecraft to an asteroid for research appears to lend credibility to the theory that ETs are mining them. This raises new issues. Are there secret files containing information about human-ET communication? Do governments know something that the public doesn’t know? Is it possible that there will be data released to the public that there is or will be such communication before 2025? Hopefully, there will be answers to these queries in the near future.(via suite101.com)

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