(t2conline.com)Right now 683 earthquakes have occurred.

On Sunday, lava from a volcano eruption in Hawaii sparked a wildfire in Volcanoes National Park. The fire has burned at least 75 acres since its inception. The lava is from the Kamoamoa Eruption and Kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes.

The Shinmoedake volcano in southern Japan has roared to life once more, adding to that nation's mounting woes of earthquake, tsunami and fears of a nuclear meltdown.

Today Wikileaks released an intercepted message sent to the US embassy during 2008's G8 Nuclear and Security Group meeting and the news is staggering:

An official from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in December 2008 that safety rules were outdated and strong earthquakes would pose a "serious problem" for the power stations.

A U.S. embassy cable has an unnamed expert expressing concern.

The document states: "He explained that safety guides for seismic safety have only been revised three times in the last 35 years and that the IAEA is now re-examining them.”

The Telegraph reports that the government responded to the warnings by building an emergency response center at the Fukushima Daiichi plant that were designed to withstand magnitude-7.0 temblors. Friday's earthquake was a 9.0.

Taro Kono, a high-profile member of Japan's lower house, told U.S. diplomats in October 2008 that the government was "covering up" nuclear accidents and ignoring alternatives.

Russian nuclear accident specialist Louli Andreyev told Reuters, Fukushima looked like an example of putting profit before safety. "The Japanese were very greedy, and they used every square inch of the space."

What else does Wikileaks have to reveal about all this?

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