(Dvice)Here's a handy chart from Randall Munroe and web comic xkcd detailing how much radiation you get from different common sources. Fun fact: eating one single banana gives you a higher dose of radiation than living 50 miles from a (functional) nuclear power plant for a year.
While it's obviously true that radiation is inherently unsafe in any dose, it's important to realize that radiation is everywhere, all the time, and you're likely getting a lot more of it than you think just sitting on your couch. For example, on average, we all get 10 microsieverts of radiation per day from just existing. Additional daily radiation that you'd expect to pick up by living in a town next to the Fukishima reactor? Just 3.5 microsieverts, which is less than a dental x-ray, and way WAY less than flying just about anywhere on an airplane.

Again, radiation is bad stuff, and you don't want to get more of it than you have to. But take another look at the chart, stop worrying so much, and just eat fewer bananas, since they're evil and gross anyway.
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