The religious are blaming atheists for Japan's recent natural disasters, but others who look to the heavens for meaning are offering less abrasive explanations. A day after Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Michael Cohen wrote at All News Web that there had been massive UFO sightings in Japan prior to the disaster and speculated that there is a relationship between UFOs and earthquakes.
Christian UFOs.
According to the Christian site UFO Invasion, UFOs are either evil or holy. Apparently, the holy ones will play a part in the rapture and "lift up God's beloved." Citing Psalms 68:17, the UFO Invasion site claims that the good UFOs are actually angels: "The Chariots (UFO'S) of GOD are twenty thousand, even thousands of Angels: the LORD is among them, as in Sinai, in the Holy Place."
The evil ones, they warn, are bent on destroying the people of earth and "are now dropping devils and things all over the world."
Continued Reports of Sightings.
In the wake of the natural disaster and Fukushima nuclear power plant complex' troubles, people continue to report sightings, sometimes getting creative with their videos.
Writing for HULIQ, Dave Masko observed that Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media have been reporting that there have "been hundreds and upwards of thousands of UFO sightings over the country" since the earthquake.
Cosmos TV also posted a video of a craft allegedly seen in Japan that did not seem quite as doctored to UFO watchers:

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