2011 11 March After 9.0 magnitude earthquake is hit the Northeast coast of japan we feel very strong shaking in tokyo i was in the train in that time. ofcourse all trains stopped try to go back my home by walking i had my videocam this day after one hour walk i saw strange light in the sky and filmed it it was very small but very shiny when i zoom strange cros shape be visible.i dont now exactly what was that but i think must share this information with everybody.
in this video after analysed i put my personal idea about what was this light?offcourse you dont have agree withme but this object was real.
2011-03-11 UFO with Full Analysis:

and also 2 day after the earthquake i filmed this strange object. it was soo far, about 150 x digital zoom cause shaking sory about that.

UFO Over TOKYO 13 March 2011 It Must Be Huge:

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