(Huliq)The town of Lafayette, Colorado, is abuzz with talk of UFO's after multiple residents reported seeing a triangle of red lights in the night sky on Monday, March 21st.
Area residents reported that the trio of red lights stayed in position, hovering in place, before moving slowly from southwest to southeast without breaking form.

The lights were captured by a number of different area residents, who have since posted the footage on the popular online video network, YouTube. Watch one of the submitted videos at the bottom of the page.

“This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen,” said someone in a YouTube clip posted by user “lvegtlvegt” captured the lights. “It's a perfect triangle!”

Another Lafayette resident, Joe Valadez, described what he saw as, “three red stars, three red, uh, little lights.”

Valadez was alerted to the phenomenon after his son, Joey, came home and told him about the, “three red lights” that were “up in the sky moving around.”

“I was coming down 287 this way, trying to come home, and we were looking up and there were just these weird lights, you know, one's that had never been there before,” said Joey Valadez of Lafayette in a YouTube report by The Daily Camera.

Another father and son duo, 17-year-old Nick Vandervegt and his father, Leroy, also reported seeing the mysterious red lights in the sky.

"I don't know what they are," Leroy Vandervegt told Sarah Kuta of the The Daily Camera. "All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn't a satellite, it wasn't an airplane, and it wasn't a helicopter."

Like the younger Valadez, Nick Vandervegt was on his way home when he spotted the trio of red lights in the sky, a strange spectacle that prompted him to call his father Leroy, who raced outside with his video camera to capture the lights on film.

In an email correspondence between The Daily Camera and Allen Kenitzer, the Rocky Mountain region spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, Kenitzer acknowledged that there were no radar reports of any unknown crafts or activity in the area that would explain the three red lights in the Boulder County night sky.

"To the best of our knowledge, radar returns showed no abnormal unidentified activity within our airspace in references to the three triangular formation red lights as being reported,” wrote Kenitzer.

Though skeptics will be quick to dismiss the recent events as nothing more than parachute flares, remote controlled airplanes or lighted balloons, the “triangle of lights” does resemble other, previously reported UFO phenomena, including 2010 incidents reported in Arlington, Texas, and Richmond, Virginia.

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