A STARGAZER struck lucky when he was filming the weekend's 'supermoon' by capturing video footage of mysterious unidentified flying objects.

John Hancock armed himself with his trusty camcorder to record Saturday's giant moon which was the closest it has been to the Earth for 20 years.

He was left speechless when three bright lights suddenly appeared in the sky.

"It was a clear night and there was no wind at all," said John, of Point Clear Road, St Osyth.

"I had my back to the fields but when I turned to look out over the fields, right in front of me was three huge red lights moving across the sky in total silence.

"It was an incredible sight. Fortunately I had my camcorder with me and began filming.

"I was filming in infa-red at the start and this was when the lights were at their brightest. I switched to normal mode and the lights began to vanish one by one in a clear, cloudless sky."

The self-confessed paranormal researcher has uploaded the film footage onto You Tube.

"The video doesn't do justice to the intensity of the lights when I first saw them," he said.

"They were huge and red in colour, flying in formation coming out from the west.

"At least I captured them on film and you get an idea of what I saw. There is more detail in the original recording."

John, who has also researched ghosts and big cat sightings, said the experience was "fantastic".

He added: "At the end of the video I filmed a plane coming over so you can see that what I filmed moments before was no aircraft."

Essex Police said they had received no reports of UFOs sightings over the weekend.

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