Scientist Give Urgent Solar Storm Alert for 2012

Scientist now issue a world wide solar storm alert for everyone to get ready for a fierce/ferocious storm.

Additionally: There is a powerful solar storm brewing on the backside of the sun that's do to face Earth starting around 03.05.11

No one knows how bad powerful this storm truly is. Possibly by the time it's facing Earth, the solar storm will have weaken and will not pose a serious threat.

This is as good as time as any to put a bicycle in your car, because should the Earth get hit by a super powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which will last for days, more than likely your electronic ignition will get fried/shorted out. That is... unless you know how to protect you and your car from a massive blast of electromagnetic radiation. Learn how to protect yourself and how to keep your car running at our solar storm warning website.

Solar Storm Warnings (Real Time data from NASA and NOAA)

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