Sammy Hagar is on the road talking about his new rock 'n' roll memoir,
 "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock," which includes a passage that
 recounts some strange dreams he had about UFOs as a youngster.
And there's the section in his book that recounts some strange dreams about UFOs that he had as a youngster.

The 63-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee thinks he may have been "manipulated" in some way by a force not of this Earth, if not abducted by aliens. The story has touched off a firestorm of interest, and as Hagar told AOL News, he firmly believes in aliens (which he also states in his book).

"I believe in God, I believe in aliens -- and I believe in Elvis," he said, chuckling, before getting somewhat more serious on the topic. "We're not the only ones, trust me, and those people that think we are, they're the crazy ones -- don't call me crazy," Hagar said, grinning, while talking about his belief that the universe is simply too vast to not contain other life forms.

"I also believe God made all of this around us, but that he didn't make just us," he said.

For all of his good-natured rambunctiousness and life-of-the-party persona, Hagar is thoughtful when talking about how his childhood dreams may be based in reality. He doesn't make any claims of having seen UFOs or aliens themselves, but he seems to think he was part of something more cerebral or technology-based instead.

As for the specific incident Hagar recounted from his dreams, he explained that "they were 14 miles away from me, and we were connected in some kind of way, and either they were downloading or uploading, I don't know. ... It was something that existed between us: me and whatever was communicating with me from out there."

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