Sharón Lynn Wyeth is the author of
 Know the Name Know the Person.
  She holds a masters degree in Mathematics

, and serves as a teacher
as well as a spiritual conduit.She has 

lived in 4 countries, traveled in70

In an interview with Sterling, spiritualist Sharón Lynn Wyeth, whose guides predicted more than a dozen years ago the Japanese series of earthquakes above 7 on the Richter scale, describes the coming massive Earth changes, which she says this marks the beginning of; and discusses temporal and spiritual considerations.
Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On January 1, in a message to the Keys of Knowledge email discussion list, in a message titled, Up for the challenge- predictions for 2011, Sharón Wyeth predicted:

"Japan is in trouble with its earthquakes and consequential tsunami's as the water has no where to go but to flood the islands. Hokkaido is the only relatively safe place there."

A couple of days ago, based on some update information she posted to keysters, I publish an article titled: Japan, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet, describing the earthquake as just the beginning of massive earth changing coming on the planet.

We then talked by phone, and I asked if she would be willing to do a recorded interview, which took place the next day.

I particularly enjoyed this chat with her, but I realize that some in my free energy audience might find some of the stuff a bit too esoteric for their taste. But there is at least one segment that I hope you'll listen to where she shared what her guides have told her regarding the future of energy. It begins at time stamp 77:40.

Interview contents:

Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in NamesDiscussion of coming earth changes
Japan quake as the first biggie of many earth changes to come
Japan to be destroyed except part of Hokkaido
Massive nuclear meltdown not going to play prominent, volcanic ash will
Madrid fault next in U.S.
Tilt of Earth axis coming, will take a few hours
100 - 150 years for changes to settle
Cyclical patterns, transition to Aquarius
Atlantis destroyed at last transition
Great winds coming
Yellowstone Caldera not going off anytime soon
Nibiru / Planet X pass-by to coincide with the axis shift
Group incarnated here now intent on surviving
Gold is not the answer; get tradable commodities
Indoor growing capabilities
Utah Safe Haven project
Role of clean energy in near future
Spiritual insights to keep in mind during earth changes
Japan group incarnated to exit the reincarnation loop
This is 4th of 7 great crises, and "good" will begin to prevail more each time
Compassion and group consciousness
Human-animal connectedness
Neimology™ Science analysis of the words PES Network and Sterling Allan
"If you were in Japan now..."
Earth Changes Usher Hope Despite Recent Chaos

Sharón Lynn Wyeth, an intuitive, observationist, and mathematician describes how current events foreshadow additional earth changes that will bring both challenges and hope for a better future.

by Hank Mills, with Sterling D. Allan

There are individuals on this planet who can provide keen insight about current events and how they relate to the future. Sharón Lynn Wyeth is such a person. Over the years, as an intuitive, observationist, mathematician, and spiritually sensitive person; she has collected information that directly relates to the tragic events occurring on our planet. In an extensive and lengthy interview with Sterling Allan, she shares some of this knowledge - which offers both warnings and hope for the future - with the readers of PESN.

As someone who lived and worked (as a teacher for the University of Maryland) in Japan, Sharón is familiar with the culture and society there. After her time teaching there, she began collecting information about the future of Japan from spiritual entities she calls, "LightKeepers." As early as 1999, these entities shared with her information indicating there would be a series of massive Earthquakes in Japan above 7 on the Richter scale, along with some destructive tsunamis.

According to the LightKeepers, the tragedy in Japan will not end quickly. They expressed to her the earthquake and tsunami will produce long lasting damage that will be challenging to recover from. It will additionally spawn aftershocks that will cause damage. Only the most northern island of Japan will be spared from the worst of the events there. However, a significant piece of good news is that they did not indicate to her there would be a huge nuclear tragedy in Japan. Perhaps this information may provide some hope to the Japanese people. They have been through a massive calamity already and do not need a nuclear holocaust on top of it all.

Confluence of Events

As the interview continued Sharón explained how the recent events in Japan will only be the start of a series of additional events. She said the next big event in the U.S. will be an event related to the New Madrid fault line. The resulting flooding is described as being worst up and down the Mississippi River. The flood plane will extend from Illinois all the way down to Louisiana, completely submerging the latter. It was expressed to her that Texas would be flooded all the way up to the southern part of San Antonio. These plates shifting will produce flooding and damage. The portion of the tectonic plate under northern New England will rise, but the area south of the middle of Pennsylvania will sink. The Appalachian Mountains are seen to be a safe area, as well as Kansas. However, she sees massive hoards of people traveling to Kansas (fleeing from other areas) and hopes residents there will be prepared to feed and care for many refugees.

Her spiritual guides have told her that everyone "needs to be where they are going to be" by 2013, because travel after that will be limited, either by the earth changes or by government edicts, or both.

She said her LightKeepers do not see the Yellowstone caldera going off during this chain of cataclysms.

All of these events will eventually involve a tilting of the Earth's axis in our lifetime. She does not know the exact date of when it takes place, but she said that once it starts, the axies shift will be completed in only a matter of hours. The axis shift will be triggered as the celestial body some call "Nibiru" and others call "Planet X" passes by. A heads up or a warning of this will be the sky turning red due to Earth passing by Nibiru's tail. It will create a reddish reflection in rivers and streams and other bodies of water as well. When that happens, you'll know the tilt is very near.

The eventual tilting of Earth's axis will produce flooding around the world as the poles melt, being close to the equator.

Describing the effect on other countries she indicated western Australia will experience a sinking or flooding. However, the land composing eastern Australia and New Zealand will rise. Various nations that are barely above sea level will experience massive flooding and may simply no longer exist afterwards.

There is a lot we can do to prepare now for these Earth changes. She said it is important for people to have shelters or homes capable of resisting hurricane force winds. She does not think the wind will exceed hurricane force (150 – 200 mph).

In what she thought might be a controversial statement she shared how her spiritual teachers do not indicate the sun is causing these events on the Earth. She has been told that there is a greater force that both the sun and the Earth are reacting to. We simply see the response to this force on the sun first, because it is at the center of the solar system and is much larger.

Another note of good news she describes how all of these events are natural and not part of man-made conspiracies or perpetuated by secret societies. These changes will not be due to HAARP or other controversial projects or technologies. The transitions and earth changes experienced are completely natural as we shift from one "age" to another, from Pisces to Aquarius. Each age has a length of 2,160 years and we are currently leaving the age of Pisces and moving into the Age of Aquarius. The period of transition will last approximately 150 - 200 years. After the transition has been completed there will be a period of re-building and then a long period of peace on the planet. It is interesting to note many different religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Mormonism describes a "thousand years of peace" that will occur some point in the future.

Future Technological Breakthroughs

Sterling asked Sharón if her LightKeepers had said anything about free energy technologies coming forth. She responded:

"I have not been told a lot, but I have been told there are many new technologies that are coming forward now and will come forward again after the shift. That even though it appears we will be losing electricity we will have electricity. The Internet will actually make it through. Part of that grid is going to survive and be up and people are going to know how to run it and do it. There are many new technologies that are coming and many breakthroughs both in technologies and in medicine. And in fact, at one time they told me that when people from down the road will look back at this part of history they will say, "Oh my gosh they were so barbarians I mean look they used radiation for cancer I mean how barbaric is that?" They use that as one of the examples. And so they said that we are going into a great period of time where technology will really advance. That always happens during an age of Aquarius."

Important Preparations

Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in NamesDuring the interview the topic of storing seeds and learning how to grow gardens were mentioned. It is important to get practice now, so in the future, when there is an even more serious need to do so, you will have the experience. Growing a garden is not always easy, and your first attempts may not be successful. By practicing now you can learn what works and what does not work. Storing seeds is very important, because they may not be as commonly available in the future. Also, weather will change, so what grows in your area now may not be the same as what grows in your area later. Thus, it would be wise to store a variety of seeds.

Sterling Allan mentioned a company he is familiar with that has developed methods of growing crops indoors. Through a use of various techniques including artificial lighting, they are able to grow as much in one acre indoors as one hundred acres outdoors. He is under a non-disclosure agreement and could not reveal all their methods and proprietary techniques which allow their farms to be so productive.

Another important preparation is to avoid putting all of your financial assets into gold. Right now many people are turning to gold as a safer investment compared to stocks or bonds. However, Sharón states that owning commodities with practical usefulness is important. During economic meltdown, making transactions in gold may not be simple. Simple tools, food stuffs, or seeds might become very valuable in trade. Also, she sees coffee and chocolate as becoming less common and very expensive. If you are going to invest in precious metals, silver might be a somewhat better alternative, because for the same amount of money you can buy many more coins.

Throughout the interview there has been a discussion of building structures that can withstand heavy wind and the earth changes that are coming. The Safe Haven Villages project that Sterling Allan is involved with was discussed. The following is their mission statement, "Safe Haven Villages are intentional communities based on principles of sustainability, educational outreach, healthy living, natural healing, individual responsibility, cooperation, and renewable energy. We are dedicated to an earth-friendly, family-friendly environment through commitment, honor and integrity (CHI)." Sharón mentioned that she was told about such communities that would spring up during the coming earth changes.

Preparations are also taking place on a spiritual level. She has been told groups of souls are purposely incarnating into bodies (being born) during this time period in human history. They are choosing to come here to be part of the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and to assist in the rebuilding that will occur. Coming back to Earth to incarnate during this perilous time period puts them at risk, but they do so out of their desire to help and assist humanity.

Neimology™ Science

The topic of Neimology™ Science, which Sharón discovered and developed, was brought up, referencing her book, "Know the Name Know the Person." She discusses how the process of her learning how the letters in a name represent character traits took place over a period of 15 years. In addition to her producing an excel spreadsheet of names, letters in names, and characteristics of individuals; she was given guidance by the LightKeeper entities, although they required her to learn things for herself. Eventually, she learned how the placement of the letters in a name, and groups of letters working together can tell you a great deal about the personality of a person.

Interestingly, she described how you could compare two names to determine if the two individuals will get along with each other or have personality conflicts. There are businesses that call her and ask her to compare names before they make hiring decisions. She has also helped authors choose names for the characters in books they are writing. This makes the story lines believable, because the interaction between the characters will match what readers have observed in reality. Also, comparing names can help married couples learn more about each other and how to stabilize or enhance their marriage, as well as comparing names can help parents understand their children better.

Sterling Allan's name was analyzed by her at one point during the interview. His most dominant characteristic according to the letters of his name (characteristics can be considered as a challenge to overcome or an attribute) is that he is stubborn and/or persistent. He does not give up. This is a characteristic found in successful medical school students. He found her analysis very insightful and accurate. In addition, the name of Sterling Allan's company, PES Network (Pure Energy Systems Network) was briefly broken down to its component letters and described. She considers the letters of PES to represent a very positive company. The P corresponds to playfulness (having fun considering outside the box technologies); the E stands for emotions and "energy", which is certainly apropos; and the S stands for smartness. She sees the destiny of the company is positive and will carry a lot of influence.

"One of the things I get out of this is the need to not be as serious as I have been all the time at PES, and to let more of my playful side out; to lighten things up and help bring in the younger and female audience," Sterling concludes.

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