The major earthquake that hit Japan today may have just triggered some volcanoes in Russia as well. While reports are still vague on the incident, there is a strong correlation between the two occurrences. In Russia, there are reports that earthquakes where felt during the eruption.

According to dziennik pl world (translated):

In the Russian Far East, there has been a strong volcanic eruption. The air got a great cloud of volcanic dust, which can pose a threat to air traffic in the region.

Local experts warn that, dust can rise up to a height of seven kilometers.

Explosions were accompanied by minor earthquakes. Russian service monitoring the activity of cones, however, ensure that the implemented measures guarantee the safety of residents of neighboring towns.

According to Russian media reports, the first cloud of dust covered the city of Ust-Kamczatsk. Over five thousand people are forced to stay at home. The authorities have recommended the strict ban on opening windows.

The population, however, was not evacuated, and experts say that the dust does not constitute a great danger. Despite this, from Thursday, all offices of state institutions and organizations have suspended work – except in cases of emergency. For some time, also closed roads in the region.

While this eruption does not seem to be a significant threat to the people in Russia, the fact that an earthquake in Japan could have triggered a volcano eruption in Russia does have some significance.

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