Rumours have been circulating that a series of devastating earthquakes are to strike the planet over the next few weeks. Astrologer Ken Ring claims he accurately predicted the recent Christchurch quake and says another will occur in New Zealand by or on March 20, as well as one in the U.S.

Ring bases all his forecasts on his study of the moon and weather patterns. Only time will tell if he is correct, but scientifically speaking, the ability to prognosticate tremors successfully is still beyond us. Although Russian and British scientists are working on a way to predict earthquakes, it is still an elusive ability.

“No reliable precursor exists to tell whether there will be an earthquake or not and when,” said seismologist Gennady Sobolev, according to the website RT. “Only some possible assessments could be made, with such probability the earthquake will happen in such or such period, in such or such place. There is no reliable earthquake prediction method.”

At Moscow’s Institute of Physics of the Earth scientists have been recreating earthquakes in the laboratory. In a special machine, 20 sensors register changes in pressure, temperature, electromagnetic and geophysical changes, and even mock-up sounds the earth makes when it is stressed in a way that mimics an earthquake.

“Before the main fault movement, many small clefts appear and this produces a sound,” said Sergey Anisimov, according to RT. “As soon as we are able to register this sound, to understand what kind of sound indicates the onset of an earthquake, we will be able to forecast or even prevent disasters.”

In a joint project with the British, the Russian are now using satellites in the quest to prophecy quakes. In this new Twinsat project, two satellites are orbiting our planet a few hundred kilometres apart. Data from Twinsat combined with data collected on earth is hoped to provide the edge on potential earthquake and volcanic activity. Volatile regions, such as Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, and Iceland will be monitored.

“As stress builds up in the Earth prior to an earthquake, subtle electromagnetic signals are released that can be read from the upper atmosphere. We want to try to work out how these signals differ from all the other things that are present at any given time,” Alan Smith of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at the University College, London, told The Hindu.

Vitaly Chmyrev of the Institute of Physics of the Earth told The Hindu that electromagnetic signals were recorded prior to the massive Haiti quake but they were not analyzed until after the event. This project is still in its infancy as the satellites will not be in orbit until 2015.

According to a tale making the rounds on the Internet, the Institute of Physics of the Earth told Prime Minister Putin that there will be another mega quake by the end of March 2011, most likely in the Americas along the New Madrid fault line. The story goes that the levels of electromagnetism in the upper atmosphere are rising in this particular zone.

There may be something to it. According to the Associated Press, a week-long “rare training event” involving the U.S. Military and the CIA will be held 21-25 at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. The U.S. Treasury, U.S. State departments, U.S. Agency for International Development, the Defense Threat Readiness Agency and the International Red Cross as well as officers of the Canadian Forces College will all be attending.

The state of Arkansas is said to have had 600 tremors over the past six months, although it is suspected they some be related to natural gas “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) in the region.

Meanwhile, the current Japanese system of sensors that detect the preliminary “P” waves and then send the alert by TV, Smartphone, etc. before the more dangerous “S” waves occur is an excellent system until more is known about when an earthquake will occur. The system gives people a moment’s notice to take action and prepare physically and mentally. In other words, it saves lives.

Elissa Michele Zacher is a writer with publications in apt, an online literary magazine, the North East Poetry Journal, and Freedom Press, among others. She is currently a visitor in Ottawa—a subject that has found its way into articles back home in the U.K. edition of The Epoch Times

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