Cape Town - A South African author has slammed mainstream scientists as cowards and insisted that the origins of humans lie in the stars.

"There is no doubt in my mind that life on Earth is directly linked to the extraterrestrial. Mainstream scientists are cowards; they hide behind their academic status and base their theories on very little scientific support," Michael Tellinger told News24.

Tellinger is author of Slave Species of God where he argues that human beings were created to perform labour for extra-terrestrial beings called the Annunaki. This is similar to a series of books written by Zecharia Sitchin, which have been dismissed by established academia.

To support his claims, he highlights several ancient puzzles like the purpose and construction of the pyramids in Egypt, and maps that show Antarctica before it was discovered by modern explorers.

One of the first writers to make these claims was Swiss author Erich von Däniken with Chariots of the Gods? published in 1968.


Critics though, have slammed this theory, saying that ancient people could have developed technology do create megalithic structures themselves, without alien intervention.

But in his book, Tellinger points to the ancient obsession with gold, saying that the mining of ore rather than alluvial gold points to a structured technologically advanced civilisation when humans were more concerned with basic survival needs and gold would have no value to them.

"The guy that pushed my buttons was Erich von Däniken - his book is an incredible work. I'm being attacked by academics who live in dogma. There are many more independent scientists than mainstream scientists and even the mainstream scientists support me, but they will lose their jobs if they say so publically," said Tellinger.

He said that many of Sitchin's theories were being vindicated by new findings illustrated by speakers at the Megathilomania Conference in Johannesburg from Friday.

"Speakers will present evidence of bizarre artefacts that shows we're dealing with a culture that's vanished, but left inexplicable monuments and had different knowledge and technology. Most of Sitchin's work is vindicated by our discoveries."

Key to the location of the supposed Annunaki is a planet called Nibiru which Sitchin calculated orbits the sun in an eccentric orbit every 3 600 years, but Tellinger was bullish when asked about its return near Earth.

Suppressing information

Slave Species of God"Many will argue that we can see Planet X, but Nasa is suppressing the information. We are meant to see it come in from the south.

"Some of the stone circles in Africa are ascribed to migrating tribes, and once again the scientific community bases that on zero scientific research: It's clear evidence of the Annunaki," he added.

Tellinger slammed the media and academic institutions for suppressing information and regularly updates his website with content.

"If information comes from a university I would be highly suspicious because it has been edited and real information has been censored from coming through.

"Many artefacts have been found, but they didn't make it into the mainstream media. In fact, two major newspapers have pulled their articles on this event [Megathilomania Conference] and editors have turned against us."


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