Ismael Aviso has developed a system that apparently captures and amplifies electromagnetic waves from the environment to produce energy. Now, Dr. Stiffler has posted a video on Youtube showing what he calls Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) powering LEDs from an earth ground wire and three coils in resonance. Replicator, K4ZEP, claims it works with RF frequencies.
There is a race on this planet to produce clean, abundant, and cheap sources of energy. One of the leaders in this race is Ismael Aviso. As reported by PESN Ismael Aviso has produced a system that captures electrostatic or radiant energy from the surroundings to produce enough electricity to keep the battery charged in a small electric vehicle.

Independent from this, Dr. Stiffler has posted a YouTube video showing a system that captures electromagnetic waves from an earth ground and amplifies them to power LEDs. In the system he uses only a capacitor, a diode, and three coils in resonance.

In a replicated system posted by K4ZEP, only three coils are used. The output is obvious as the LED lights up. K4ZEP claims that it will also work with radio frequencies as the input.

(You can watch the videos and read transcripts at the end of this page.)

Apparently, they are taking a small amount of energy from the ground wire and amplifying it into much more energy.

Is this the same thing that is happening in Aviso's system?

If so, where is the extra energy coming from?

This seems like a simple system to build and test. Maybe some PESN readers will replicate these experiments and share their results.

This is a great configuration for open sourcing.

In a response to a question about what is going on in the coils of his Rotaverter, Hector Tores wrote:

"…The descript never talked of rotating phases within those coils …; but is evident that if you build an RV tuned to any earth frequency it will rotate with it .... If you want 3 phase RF you build 3 crystal radio coils in delta, use 3 variable caps in wye for frequency tuning, and one for vectoring into rotation, or detune one for such....

"Just then hook one antenna (air capacity) and a ground connection.

"You can use 3 diode plugs pairs to light up leds, or fry someone's ass if using elf and hi voltage transformers with 10 feet diameter air capacity and microwave oven diode plugs with tunable homemade caps .

"Burn baby burn!"

Here are the videos with transcripts.

Using just self resonance in three properly chosen and spaced coils coupled to earth will allow a condition where LED(s) can be driven. Coils MUST be spaced properly and all must match as close as possible to the same SRF. With a diode and small capacitor a circuit is constructed that will oscillate and build to a point of powering LED(s). Is there an energy gain in the space between coils when positioned properly? Energy coupling from coil to coil through space sees a merry dance between spatial partners." (YouTube; Feb. 24, 2011)

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