If you think it sucks when you run out of gas here on Earth, imagine what it's like out in space. A Canadian company plans to fix this problem, by launching Space's first gas station, and yes, it's full serve.

Satellites tend to use solar energy for most things, but fuel is needed for a few simple tasks such as running those small thrusters used to keep it in the correct orbit. Until now, satellites that run out of fuel are usually abandoned and dumped by the side of the space highway.
Set to be launched in 2015, the unmanned Space Infrastructure Servicing satellite will provide not only fuel, but will also carry out simple repairs like pulling out those pesky stuck solar panels, and will even offer a satellite towing service to help clear away some of that space junk. The SIS will have enough fuel to service about a dozen satellites before it will need to call for a space tanker truck.

I wonder if they'll take AAA cards?


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