Modern crop circles are one of the best-kept secrets in today’s highly technological world. Ostensibly they are supposed to be made by two old gentlemen with rope and boards, after leaving the pub late at night. Yet for most people who study the subject carefully, they seem to be some of the most amazing paranormal phenomena in all of recorded history! Here we will discuss six different crop pictures from the summer of 2010 in southern England, all of which seem to have predicted the current nuclear power crisis in Japan, eight months before it happened.

How might that be physically possible? Well, leading physicists on Earth are now looking for subatomic particles that can travel backward or forward through time. If such novel particles are found through further experiments, then it may become possible (say by 2050 or 2100) to send “messages back in time” to our current era (say from 1990 to 2010). How would our future descendants send messages back in time, except perhaps as “crop circles”? And if some crop circles are shown logically to have “predicted the future”, then the likelihood of such a hypothesis becomes even higher, does it not?
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